Hummus    $9.5
grilled pita & olive oil

Buffalo Chicken Meatballs    $9
blue cheese crema & micro celery

Szechuan Shoestring Fries    $8.5
chinese mustard

Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps    $14
bibb lettuce & spicy peanut dipping sauce

Tuna Tartare Potato Skins    $13
lemon-scallion cream & micro greens

French Onion Soup Dumplings    $10
baked with gruyére cheese

Grilled Thai Chicken Skewers    $12.5
jasmine rice & peanut sauce



BBQ Chicken Quesadilla    $11
roasted corn salsa & avocado sour cream

Vietnamese Summer Roll    $9.50
crabstick, somen noodle, avacado

Cheesesteak Eggroll   $15
bell peppers, mushrooms, onions,  siracha ketchup

Pad Thai    $19
jumbo lump crab, egg, tofu, scallions, rice vermicelli & peanuts

Lobster Mac n’ Cheese    $19
orzo, fontina, gruyére & parmesan bread crumbs 

Chicken Tikka Masala    $14
 Punjab-style chicken curry, cucumber raita, almond & raisin basmati

Seared Tuna    $20
sesame crusted (served rare) with mushroom risotto

Rad Na   $14
chow fun noodles, peanuts, chicken, over crisp romaine                                                                                         


Udon Noodle Soup    $9
 chicken dumplings, dashi & scallions

Crispy Calamari Salad    $14
carrots, tomatoes, sprouts & sesame-soy dressing

Continental Salad    $11
chopped greens, tomatoes, cucumber, feta, red onion & herb vinaigrette

Caesar Salad    $10.5
rosemary croutons & parmesan dressing

Baby Kale & Beet Salad    $11.5
goat cheese, pumpernickel croutons, candied walnuts & apple cider vinaigrette

Spinach Cobb    $13 
bacon, avocado, chicken & farm egg

Black Quinoa “Tabbouleh” Salad     $10.5
spinach, feta, red onion, olives, cucumber, mint & lemon vinaigrette

Quick & Satisfying, changes daily


French Toast    $10
brioche, seasonal fruit compote & maple syrup

Ham & Swiss Omelette    $11.5
served with fresh fruit

Egg White Frittata    $11.5
spinach, tomato, pita croutons, parmesan

Huevos Rancheros    $12
chorizo, black beans, avocado crema, tostada & heirloom tomato salsa


all sandwiches come with a choice of french fries, fruit or small continental salad

Tuscan Chicken    $11
chicken roulade, sharp provolone, smoked tomato, pesto aioli on tuscan bread

Short Rib    $12
horseradish, fontina, pickled onions, arugula on a toasted roll

Greek Turkey Burger   $12.5
pickled tzaziki, watercress, feta, red onion, snowflake roll

Big Daddy Mack    $10.5
veggie burger, cheddar, pickles, onions, special sauce on a sesame seed bun

Continental Cheeseburger    $13
8oz la frieda special blend burger, sautéed onions, sharp cheddar on a homemade everything roll

Turkey Club    $12
roast turkey, neuske bacon & apple mayo

Cuban    $12 
pulled pork, ham, manchego cheese, mustard & pickles

Grilled Chicken    $12 
braised greens & aged provolone on a baguette

Sliders     3 Pack $15      6 Pack  $29
Mini La Freida burger, bibb lettuce, swiss, russian dressing, mustard pickles, caramelized onions, homemade brioche